The Strategic Play Facilitator Network
The Strategic Play Facilitator Network
Jacqueline Lloyd Smith

Welcome to the Strategic Play family!

About Us

Well hello there, and welcome to our community site. After your training, we know you will need additional support. What better way to continue to grow your practice than to join a community of users? Your Master Trainer developed this site to give Strategic Play facilitators a place to find resources, ask each other questions, and collaborate on a global level. This is a private space (so not client facing) so feel free to ask questions and share your stories.  

Why You Should Join Us

When you join and participate in this community, not only will you be surrounding yourself with positive energy, you will find free tools and resources to help you grow your practice. You will be the first to know about advanced training and conferences. But the best part, of course, is all the great connections you will make with people who are lifelong creative learners just like you. The LSP community of users has been growing since the early 2000s. It is hard to believe we were the first to bring this tool to Canada and the first to train in LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Methods under the LEGO System Group of Master Trainers. We watch in wonder as many people take this methodology from our training and apply it in so many amazing ways.

A Big Thanks

We are so grateful to our community for the support and continued experimentation, prototyping, and for sharing their good news with us. In this network, you can share your ideas and news and get ideas and news in return. You will get what you give - so keep that abundance mindset and connect away. Now it is time to build your brand by playing a leading role in the community of practitioners.